With it’s wide open spaces, small nooks and laneways, this historical precinct boasts an event centre like no other.

A fully functioning workshop hosts an array of casual staff, volunteers and job seekers, engaged through a variety of employment programs to give people opportunity to upskill and prepare for permanent employment.

For 48 weeks of the year, a minimum of 130 hours of labour is pumped out of the organisation. Volunteer committee members gather regularly for meetings and working bees to maintain the grounds.

We have many visitors to ‘Maydale Reserve’ and these include people transporting horses. We provide a resting place for horses allowing them to unwind and have a drink while their owners clean their float and use our facilities. To ensure this service can continue to be provided, we charge a $10 facility fee so we appreciate visitors phoning ahead so we can unlock toilets and yards etc.


Nestled in the heart of Horsham, with the grounds overlooking the Wimmera River, The Cattle Shed is the perfect venue for your special event.  Step inside and immediately you will feel a special kind of connection to a piece of living history in its rustic surrounds.  With stunning backdrops, the surrounding stables and rustic buildings at the Horsham showgrounds are unique.

The Cattle Shed is a function centre, surrounded by rustic stables located within a stones-throw of the Wimmera River with options of indoor and outdoor facilities.  It hosts weddings, special birthday parties and Christmas gatherings.

Just 3.5 hours from Melbourne and 2 hours from the SA border, The Cattle Shed is a must visit when you book a tour of the historic showgrounds through the Horsham Ag Society.  Read more here…..

Email us for more details us today!


The Maydale Pavilion is the biggest shed in Horsham which hosts sheep sales, expos, and shows, including the annual agricultural show.  This pavilion is currently undergoing an internal facelift as we use recycled pallets to line the walls through our Work for the Dole program.  A new modular and portable stage has been constructed as a 4 stand shearing stage for the delivery of the shearing competition at the Show.  A bar and kitchenette has been made out of reclaimed pieces from the Len Hobbs Committee Room which is currently being demolished.  This large shed can be hired for a variety of activities – expos, livestock sales, clearing sales, private gatherings, garage sales and more.  It is a great venue if you need a wet weather plan for your event.  It can seat 500 people (pre-Covid) and is the largest venue in the city of Horsham with a flat floor space of approximately 850 sqaure metres.

Contact us on 0400 425 254 for hire rates.  (Here’s a sneak peak at the construction of our new office and meeting room within the pavilion).


Camping is only permitted if you’re attending the Horsham Show, WMHVS Swap Meet, Horsham Country Music Festival, Horsham Fishing Contest, 150km Feast, Art is Festival, Horsham Horse Show or travelling with livestock.

Although we have special permission to host camping for participants in the upcoming HOG Rally on the first weekend in April 2022.  To book your campsite click here.



Stabling and camping at the Horse Show bookings can be made via this via www.nominate.com.au or call us for details.


Horse stables and camping is available for short stopovers for transporters of livestock/horses. For hire details please contact the Venue Manager, Andrea Cross on 0400425254.

Stable & camping bookings for the Horsham Show and Wimmera Show season open on July 1 each year via www.nominate.com.au.  Please book directly with them, as we outsource this service.


If you are meeting a horse specialist at the Maydale Reserve (this is private land owned by the Horsham Ag Society) or travelling with horses and need a break between long distance driving, you are welcome to use our facilities to water and exercise your ponies.  We also have a straw pit if you need to clean out your float.  The facility fee for this is $10 and payable prior to arriving (out of hours) or pop into the office Tuesday – Thursday between 10am – 5.30pm).   Please phone ahead if your arrival is out of office hours and deposit the fee via direct debit to:  Westpac BSB 033-629 AC 490773.


Wimmera Poultry Club
Horsham Wimmera Kennel Club
Centre for Participation through the Maydale Social Garden


The Horsham Ag Society is the auspicing body which hosts the Grand Annual Horsham Agricultural Show and so much more. The Society is the caretaker of half of the Horsham Showgrounds – not including the Horsham Greyhound Club, grandstand, track and arena.